There are many questions involving the design-build process. We discuss your project and our process to bring your vision to reality. We understand that everyone is different and that there are many avenues that can be taken to best suit your needs. We bring the experience, you bring the dream.

Land Prospecting

Finding the right piece of property to establish your roots can be time-consuming and intimidating. We have trusted resources and personnel that routinely comb the local market to know what is available. Whether you are looking for that large rural plot or a subdivision lot, we can help and advise on constructability and feasibility.


Planning is the most important part of the entire build process. Finmark has the unique ability to completely design and draw our own home plans. We help you visualize your design with 3D visualization capabilities. We feel it is imperative to design each structure to suit the land it is being built upon. We visit the site so that we can optimize views and terrain before conceptual design begins. Whether you come to us with an elaborate plan or a sketch on a diner's napkin, we can bring it to life.


Obtaining a construction loan can seem convoluted and daunting, especially if you haven't had the experience before. We can introduce you to our bank and the people we work alongside to get you the right financing plan for your project, and make this uncomfortable part of the process as painless as possible.


We understand the entire building process can seem intimidating with so many components in play, however we can help take the stress out of the equation. We understand that building a custom home for a client requires a close relationship that needs time and energy spent. Our virtual client portals, communication standards, and accessibility provide unmatched customer satisfaction for ease of use and responsiveness to their needs.