As you cultivate your vision for the perfect home, you will want to focus on the enhancement and longevity of your spaces. Whether you choose design as a stand-alone service or as a part of our in-house design-build process, we accommodate your needs for the best custom home-building experience. During the Design phase, we utilize the latest technology for surveying your terrain and site planning to structural engineering and interior design. This gives you the ability to interact and visualize a detailed plan for moving forward. We will confidently walk you through the entire process of designing the home of your dreams.

  • We assess the chosen building site to determine its topography, orientation, views, and environmental factors. This analysis helps inform the design process and ensures that the home maximizes its integration with the surrounding landscape.

  • Our experienced in-house designers work closely with you to understand the vision, preferences, and lifestyle needs. We develop customized 3D design concepts that integrate modern aesthetics using advanced computer software. This allows you to visualize the final outcome and make informed decisions about the layout, finishes, and overall aesthetics of your mountain modern home.

  • We produce comprehensive construction documents, including detailed floor plans, elevation drawings, structural specifications, and material selections. These documents serve as the blueprint for the construction process, ensuring accuracy and adherence to building codes and regulations. Alongside this process, we assist in navigating the complex process of obtaining permits and approvals from local authorities. We ensure compliance with building regulations and zoning requirements.

  • In addition to the architectural aspects, the company may offer interior design services. We help clients choose suitable finishes, fixtures, and materials that align with the mountain modern aesthetic while considering functionality, sustainability, and budgetary considerations.