“We believe our family approach to business is our greatest strength, and every team member is part of the Finmark family. With family comes trust, hard work, competitiveness, and honesty. Growing up in a family of fourteen children, we learned the importance of these values. Dad and Mom taught us work ethic from the minute we were tying our own shoes. Along with being raised with strong values, we were raised in the construction world. Construction is what we know - and honestly - it's our passion. With Finmark, you’re not paying for a contractor, you’re joining the family, a family that prides itself on a history of timeless quality and pride of heritage.”

-Derek & Ned Oja

Established in 2011 by brothers Derek, Ned, and Levi.

Derek and Ned grew up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, working in the building trades not long after they learned to walk. Being the second and third oldest of a family of fourteen children, they learned the values of hard work and responsibility at a young age. The brothers come from a long line of skilled construction tradesmen so it naturally became an important aspect of their lives. After working as subcontractors in many different fields and areas, Derek and Ned decided to take the knowledge and ideas acquired over the years to establish their own custom building company. When their younger brother, Levi, finished his schooling he joined the boys to become a partner and fixture at Finmark. The Oja’s moved to Kalispell in 2005 and all three brothers are raising their own families in the Flathead Valley.

When you hire us, you are hiring a team of professionals trained and skilled to deliver lasting value to your home or project. From design conception to project completion, we apply and implement the most innovative and cutting-edge designs in today's home building market. You can rely on our professional team to make recommendations that fit your taste and style, but we always give you the best final word.

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